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The ultimate cardio workout.

ONE LDN Muay Thai and Boxing studio brings the authenticity of Thailand fight scene to London. ONE LDN has worked tirelessly with professional fighters to bring you the ultimate workout. These classes will embody what it means to be fighting fit. Coaches will guide you through fight technique and blend it with a fun, inclusive, high intensity and sweat filled fight conditioning class.
 Participants will experience a frantic high intensity session with minimal rest.
Muay Thai and Boxing is open to all levels, and can be used to fulfil a range of fitness goals. This class is ideal for anyone looking for some intense cardio and mental focus.

Your fastest way to six pack!

Available at both locations.

Muay Thai & Boxing

Want to get a six pack and bring your fighting skills to the next level? Prepare for ONE hell of a workout as you take on intense boxing and kicking sessions that will work on your cardiovascular fitness, co-ordination, balance and strength.