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Train2Fight is a boxing club built on a foundation of camaraderie, fun and progress; led by our strong team John, Lily, & Matt who’ll be by your side punch by punch.

From training complete beginners, to up and coming fighters; their passion is contagious and their boxing skills are first class – and they don’t just talk the talk, you’ll find them climbing through the ropes themselves whenever they get the chance.

Train2Fight is a unique boxing gym that, through their Boxing Basics Course has taught 100’s of total beginners how to throw and defend a punch, move around the ring and see their fitness rocket! Plenty of these beginners have carried on boxing, whether that’s to continually improve their skills & fitness or fight on a show in front of friends & family.

Train2fight is a boxing gym where technique, ring craft, and boxing specific conditioning are at the top of the agenda. Sparring is not obligatory, however, Train2Fight are well versed in introducing people to a sparring environment slowly by focusing on attack, defence, confidence and ring fitness.

From years of promoting their own Fight Shows, they’ve developed an invaluable list of other fighting gyms, and are renowned for their intense and thorough 10week Fight Camp Course and the high quality and fair bouts they put on.

All in all, Train2Fight is a boxing club through and through, but with a mission to make it accessible and progressive for all those who get involved.

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