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Intro To Boxing

Whether you are completely new to boxing and don’t know where to start or just looking to burn tons of calories during the festive season, our Intro to Boxing classes are just for you. The ultimate cardio class that will work your whole body. If you're a complete beginner, our coach will guide you through the basic punches, combinations and remember... everyone had their first boxing class at some point!

INTRO TO BOXING - T&Cs apply. You may attend any ONE LDN classes in conjunction with the Intro to Boxing sessions as part of your 10 classes)

Intro To Boxing is open to all levels, and can be used to fulfill a range of fitness goals. This class is ideal for anyone looking for some intense cardio and mental focus. Hand wraps can be purchased at reception before class. Please arrive 10 min before your class so we can take you through the class techniques.
Upcoming Sessions
Mon 22nd Apr
7:00pm with Richie @ Imperial Wharf