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Strength & Sweat Throwdown
Introducing the ONE Throwdown with Bethany Duckworth


Feeling competitive?

The Throwdown will be One LDN’s weekly functional fitness competition. A chance to meet new people and enjoy some sweaty competition with great party vibes. Row, lift, jump & carry your way to be crowned team of the day.

Amateur team: - If you turn up on the day, a preliminary workout will determine who you are paired with. Amateur teams will only be ranked against other amateur teams. Suitable for:All abilities. Movements and weights can be scaled from the set standards.

Pro team - You can enter your own pro team. On the day, you will put in an additional £5 cash into a jackpot. Suitable for: Advanced. Movements and weights cannot be scaled down from the set standards.

Non members pay £5 for the class. Winner takes home the money each week!

* There will be no heavy Olympic lifting or gymnastic style movements. LIMITED SPACES OF 16 PEOPLE PER CLASS

Must book in advance. If you can no longer attend, please let us know asap so we can fill the space.
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