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Strength Series
This class is your usual gym goers 5-day split. Working a
different area of the body each day and making sure that the following day
another body part has the focus to let the previous day recover. Working
through stations in groups/Pair mixing up TUT (time under tension) with GVT
(German volume training).

Monday - Leg Day (Legs and Glutes)
Tuesday - Chest & Back Day (Chest & Back)
Wednesday - Leg Day (Legs & Glutes)
Thursday - Shoulders and Arms (Shoulders and Arms)
Friday – Party Pump (Arms and aesthetics) Essential Information:
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before class time, so we can take you through the class technique and equipment.
  • Must book class in advance.
  • All you need is your trainers and workout clothes.
  • Towels are provided on the day.
  • You can purchase water from the ONE Refuel Bar or bring some along with you.
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