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If you’re a gym bunny or yoga fan but not seeing the results you want, then here’s a few reasons why you should be lifting weights…

#1 You’ll Burn More Calories

If you think cardio is the secret to fat loss, think again. After each lifting workout, your muscles require energy to repair their fibres. In basic terms, this means that lifting weight increases the number of calories you burn whilst you’re parked on the sofa. Building muscle may not show weight loss on the scale, but you will burn more fat in weights sessions and earn that lean and trim figure you’ve always dreamed of.

#2 Quicker Results

Weight training raises your heart beat higher than if you ran at approximately 60% of your max heart rate. This not only means you’re strengthening your muscles but also that you save time without cutting back on results.

#3 Increase in Bone Density

As age increases, bone mass decreases which means the risk and likelihood of injury sky rockets. But recent research has shown that 16 weeks worth of resistance training is proven to increase hip bone density, which means by lifting weights you’ll actually be improving your bones.

#4 Brain Power

Probably not something you’d normally associate with lifting weights, but weight lifting has been proven to enhance cognitive function – improved memory, verbal reasoning and focus.

#5 More Zzzzz’s

Strength training has a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. Lifting will help you fall asleep more quickly, sleep more deeply throughout the night so that you wake feeling refreshed for the next round.

#6 More Energy

The stronger your body and mind, and combined with the right diet, you’ll see an increase in your energy levels, even after minimal resistance training sessions. So forget the coffee, grab a barbell instead.

#7 Healthy Heart

Lifting weights reduces the risk of heart disease. A study conducted by researchers in Brazil suggested that despite the increase in heart rate during lifting sessions, blood pressure and heart rate readings were significantly lower the following morning.

#8 You’ll Stress Less

All exercise is a fantastic way to cope with stress, but those who regularly weight train tend to cope much better with stress due to the decrease in stress hormones in the body. So next time you feel strung out, hit the weights studio.

#9 You’ll embrace your inner Sasha Fierce

Lifting weights and building your physical strength has a huge impact on your mental state, and can be incredibly empowering. For many women lifting weights can be a life changing experience,which positively affects their outlook and confidence.

#10 Flex Appeal

Despite the standard notion that lifting weights bulks you up, the fact is that when you follow a proper strength training plan you can greatly improve your flexibility. As you work out a range of different muscles through lifting, you’ll notice how much more supple your body becomes.

#11 Stand Tall

Weight lifting will strengthen and build your core muscles, which in turn will improve your general posture and alignment.

#12 Less Pressure

On your joints that is. As you strengthen your body and lose weight, this takes the pressure off joints and reduces the risk of injury, which means you can enjoy your workouts even more.



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