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"For Mark I created a training plan, with the first 5 weeks plan focused on building good solid muscle mass density with heavy compound moves. Following 11.5 weeks of pure focus on cutting down body fat and improving body proportions. Our special attention areas was to build a wider aesthetic back and round shoulders as well as focus on the abdominal area. Happy to announce plan was fully completed!

A specially designed nutrition plan is absolutely key if you would like to achieve this level of result. Diet was balanced with healthy macro nutrient choices. We started on a higher calorie intake as possible and gradually cutting down on carbohydrates, making sure to keep it in such a gentle and steady process, so body gradually was able to adjust without feeling low on energy and of course running in optimal health. In fact Mark told me he had never before felt that strong, focused and healthy!" - Ivar Gereiko, Personal Trainer.

How important has training become to your life?

Great question as training / sport has always been a major part of my life the downside is I was always easily lead astray. You know how it is a hangover etc then you say I’ll go tomorrow and it doesn't happen, it is so easy to become complacent and gets lost with normal day to day stresses. January, I made a conscious decision that I would put health and fitness first.

The only difference is now fitness is a must, it's a habit I've created through 2017. Every day starts on a positive note, fasted cardio minimum 40 minutes during which I Listen to a motivational podcast (business or self-development related) that's me I'm set for the day and ready to take on the world :)

Before your started, what was the turning point that made you decide to change?

I had a little sign that tells me I've been enjoying life too much... One day in Australia over Christmas I drove over a speed bump and my belly kept wobbling what felt like for another 15 seconds after...... time to do something about this! I also felt I had got to a point in my life where I wanted to see what kind of effect eating clean and living a 90% healthy lifestyle would have on my home life, working life, energy and mood.

I also witnessed a ONE LDN PT transform before my very eyes in a matter of weeks prior to my Christmas holiday, the Physique that he transformed into was incredible and this was also plaguing my mind wondering how he did it and could I do it?

It really was a combination of things:

1) I needed to lose weight!!

2) What effect would a change in lifestyle have on me

3) Could I physically do what I witnessed Ivar do

What first inspired you to get into fitness?

As I mentioned earlier I’ve always been involved in sport from a young age but this time it was more a personal challenge and would a change in lifestyle have the benefits that all the magazines say.......... YES, IT DOES!!

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Motivation for me is simple (PROGRESSION = HAPPINESS), you have two choices in life sit back and relax and be like 95-97% of people or you get on with something you love and have a passion for. My 2 passions trading the financial markets and training living the healthy lifestyle. Doesn't mean I can’t run astray every now and then. One tip is find a podcast or motivational speaker that resonates with your way of thinking and listen to this for 30 minutes a day preferably first thing in the morning you'll be amazed at how you start your day.

How often do you set yourself a goal?

Goals are difficult as you need to have long term and short-term goals. For example, if you had never run before and said you're going to run a marathon then the chances are you probably won’t do it. However, if you plan to run a marathon long term goal, then you create an 18-week plan built up of mini increasing goals you'll do it. So, each week you have a new goal and challenge it keeps it fresh for you and not boring and mundane.

Find your end goal then work backwards creating the little goals.

My new goal is to compete in WBFF in Nov, the funny thing here is this was never my long-term goal. I just kept setting new short-term goals along the way and after my photo shoot I needed another goal, the only thing that seemed one step up from the shoot was a competition. The competition is a challenge for me, it’s not about the result on the day it’s about me being the best I can and if I do that I've won the second I step on the stage, that's a nice position to be in.

Do you mix up your workouts, or stick to the same routine?

It depends what phase I’m in whether I’m doing volume work, HIIT, LIIT or heavy, you'll find there is always some sort of rotation.

What is your typical day like now?

Unfortunately I don't sleep enough, I have long days. Usually up around 5 am sometimes a little earlier not by choice. The first thing I’ll do is check the currency charts to see what happened through the Asian session, followed by skype to see if any of my international clients have messaged. Then morning supplements and black coffee straight to ONE LDN for 6am open and fasted cardio. I'm in there about an hour then time for breakfast followed by producing a YouTube video or some Instagram posts and then office bound for training people how to trade Forex and Commodities. Depending on the day if the markets are quiet I’ll get into ONE LDN in the afternoon, if not ill train weights in the evening. Then home to my girlfriend and dog. I've already done meal prep for 2-3 days so I get a night or two off from the kitchen.

What tips would you give someone who is looking to start their own fitness journey?

You need a strong WHY am I doing this? Usually people get into fitness when they must, the Dr tells them, getting married, going on holiday. My question is why do you only want to look and feel good for those occasions? Surely if you want to look and feel good there then you must want to feel like that every day? The difference is that human nature always takes the path of least resistance, by that I mean it’s easier to stay in bed at 5:30 am than get up when it’s raining and cold and go to the gym, but what are the benefits of doing that? There are so many little things like this where people choose the easy route but it’s not the most beneficial.

How do you control your diet?

When you have someone the size of Ivar Gereiko as your mentor its easy...... only joking he’s a great coach very down to earth and humble and shares his experiences with you. Always find a coach that has done what you want to do, their experiences are invaluable. To answer your question, we had certain goals and milestones we were looking to achieve each week, fortnight which for me made it relatively easy. I only had a difficult last 2 weeks -10 days, very grumpy and moody, my girlfriend will agree with me there.

Do you find meal prepping beneficial?

I do meal prep and I don't think I would have got anywhere near the same results if I didn't. Yes, you can find decent food on the move, however there were numerous times where id taken my days food with me and if I hadn't I would have been in a slight predicament. It’s like anything if you want average results then no need to meal prep, if you want great results then you need to do the whole shebang meal prep, fasted cardio, resistance training, rest and finally review. The review is you must be able to measure if your body is improving. If it’s strength, are your weights increasing, if its speed on the track are you going quicker and if it’s for a competition is your body fat coming down without losing too much mass?

I just want to say a big thank you to Ivar Gereiko this guy is incredible and I’m looking forward to the next 148 days of prep, let’s see what condition we can take to the stage @WBFF November 4th.

If you would like a consultation with Ivar Gereiko, please contact him on the below.

Email: ivarsfitness@live.co.uk

Instagram: Ivarphysique

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