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Party season is finally here, which means it’s time to get ready for the onrush of nights out, heavy food, and usually, a hell of a lot of alcohol. There are so many work parties, weekend drinks and festive dinners on offer, that it’s all too easy to go hard at it, and burn out. ONE LDN has put together 5 pretox tips to help you party hard and train hard all the way into the New Year.

#1 Take up a new class

Give your body a wake-up call with a new class. Weightlifting, boxing or Muay Thai classes are a fantastic way to counteract the damage of the party season. Shake up your hum-drum routine with something fresh and new to keep your workout on its toes.

#2 Pick up your pace

HIIT training boosts your metabolism for 48 hours, so consider doing a HIIT class every two days. The high intensity classes will not only keep you trim and make you feel fantastic, but work as a body detox by circulating lymph fluid. Work up a sweat and cleanse your body.

#3 Make rest a priority

It’s all too easy to go hell for leather this time of year, to party hard and train hard. Whilst it is important to keep up your fitness levels, don’t ignore how much you need rest days. During the party season we tend to put our bodies under more strain than ever with excessive drinking, eating and late nights. Your liver won’t be able to handle the extra strain if it hasn’t had enough time to recover. Try to get a full nights sleep, approximately eight hours, each night.

#4 Prepare yourself

It’s important to prepare your body for the strain you put it through during the festive season. Milk thistle is a great way to counteract drinking and other strains we might put on our body and liver. Try taking one tablet before bed in order to help your body detox.

#5 Drink wisely

When you have a Christmas drink, try to think about what you are putting in your body. Opting for a healthy cocktail will put your body under less strain. Sipping a glass of water between each drink will also help your body detox, and means you’ll wake up with less of a hangover.

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