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Have you just caught the Yoga-bug? We don’t blame you. Yoga is a fantastic way of building strength, balance, flexibility, and relieving stress.

Whether you've been going to yoga classes and are wanting to practise in your spare time or you're starting completely from scratch, here's ONE LDN’s list of yoga poses for beginners:

1. Downward Dog

With palms of your hands, and the soles of your feet on the floor, try to stretch like a dog. Beginners often lean their weight forward, so try to think about keeping the weight mainly in your legs with your heels reaching towards the floor. If this does not feel comfortable, bend your knees slightly to take the pressure off your hamstrings.

2. Mountain Pose

Stand straight, with pelvic muscles engaged, your hands either side, palms facing forward. This is a pose which focuses on alignment, so try to imagine a straight line from the crown of your head to your heels, and keep your body aligned with that. Remember to slide your shoulders down and bring your bodyweight to your heels.

3. Cat Stretches

Get into a position with your knees on the floor and your palms on the floor, on all fours essentially. Breathe in and arch your back, bringing your head into your chest. Exhale and arch your back inwards (bringing your pelvis closer to the floor) and push your head up and over your shoulders. This stretch focuses on your spinal strength.

4.Staff Pose

Sit with legs extended in front of you, toes pulled backwards so that your ham strings are engaged. This is the partner pose to the Mountain pose – it’s seated equivalent. Focus on the alignment of your spine, and breathe deeply.

5. Dead Man’s Pose

Lie on your back, eyes closed, with your palms facing the ceiling. This is the final pose in your sequence, a pose for you to still the mind and focus on the breath.

If you have any prior injuries, always seek the advice of a professional before undertaking exercise.

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