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If you’re a Girl Who Lifts, then it’s more than likely that you know what we mean when we say…

1. Men will offer to help you.

You’re in the gym, in the weight section, clearly handling those 50lb plates with no problems, but for some reason men will still offer to help. It’s a kind gesture, but as a strong independent woman, you’re perfectly capable of loading your own barbell. Thanks for the thought though.

2. People assume you’re a body builder.

Actually no, I’m not the next Hulk Hogan in training, I’m trying to get strong, get it? STRONG. It is possible to build muscle without turning into Arnold Schwarzenegger.

3. When you tell people you’re weighlfiting, they ask “I don't get it, aren’t you scared of bulking up?"

No, I’m not actually. Hence why I’m doing it. People often don’t realise that how and what you lift is key in shaping your strength. Some lift in order to increase their muscle mass, and others in order to develop a more lean silhouette and turn fat to muscle.

4. You have turned into the hungriest person. Ever.

Following a weights session, you’re body is still burning fat. And you know about it. Because you’re seriously hungry. Pretty much always. But the best bit is, when you lift, as long as you’re staying healthy, you can definitely justify second-helpings.

5. Gloves are your new best friend.

You can try all the manicures in the world, but they won’t get rid of those hand callouses. That’s why you don’t care if you look like Michael Jackson when you hit the gym in fingerless weight lifting gloves.

6. Unsolicited advice is NOT cool.

Thanks, but no thanks. Unless you’re a personal trainer, blokes dishing out advice to strangers on how girls should lift can get a little irritating after a while.

7. You want to dance like Beyonce when you slam dunk that last rep

Oh yeah. Best feeling in the world, don’t mind me whilst I do a celebration dance in the middle of the gym.

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