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When it comes to weightlifting, most people want to get bigger arms or work on their chest. But with such a range of routines and advice out there, it can be difficult to know the best way to get the results you want. Here are our top tips to help you build bigger arms:

#1 Incorporate Compound Movements. This is the golden rule when it comes to gaining mass, and will build a solid foundation for your weightlifting.

#2 Make chin ups and dips a regular feature in your routine.

#3 Let your bench and overhead presses do the work when it comes to heavy loading your triceps. Push yourself with the extensions and push downs, aiming for higher reps and shorter rest intervals.

#4 Try rope climbing as a way to bulk up your arms, and take a break from your normal routine. This is a fantastic way to work out a range of muscles and increase muscle mass.

#5 Make sure you stretch between sets and after you finish, this pumps blood through your muscles and assists their development.

#6 Mix up your hand positions – instead of holding the dumbbells in the same position each curl, try to mix it up. If you occasionally incorporate an offset grip, you’ll work out the muscles in a different way. Your body will have to work harder, and the harder you work, the more your muscles grow.

#7 Don’t ignore your triceps. These count for two thirds of your upper arm mass, so make sure you incorporate tricep dips into your workout.

#8 Work the shoulders. These are often overlooked when considering arm mass, and it’s so important to ensure you have focused on your shoulders during your workout.

#9 Don’t over-do it! Over training is not your friend. Make sure you avoid injury and play it safe by starting with light weights and building up to heavier ones slowly. Aim for two rest days a week to allow your body to recover.

If you're still new to weightlifting, take a look at our 8 Best Weightlifting Tips for Beginners!

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