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Building muscle doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a huge body builder. Whether you want to stack up, or strip down fat, muscle building is key to a healthier you. ONE LDN investigates the 5 best workouts to build muscle:

#1 German Volume Training
This weight training program works because it targets a group of motor units, exposing them to an extensive volume of repetitions, more specifically 10 sets of a single exercise. To say this program adds muscle fast is probably an understatement. Gains of 10 pounds or more in six weeks are not uncommon, even in experienced lifters.

#2. Giant Sets
In contrast to a superset, which usually alternates between exercises for opposing muscle groups, a giant set is a group of four or more exercises that target one part of the body. This approach is an excellent way to shock the lower body into getting stronger, and it will also train cardiovascular fitness. It triggers a robust anabolic hormone response and is particularly effective for boosting growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor hence helping build muscle.

#3 Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises combine cardio and strength training and are an extremely efficient way to workout. The exercises can be anything from pull ups to press ups, pistol squats and TRX work. Whilst a well thought out weight training program is essential when building muscle, bodyweight exercises are also great because they can be easily modified to challenge anyone. Adjusting small elements to your workout will make even the most simple routine significantly tougher. You can add extra repetitions, increase your speed or slow it down, or decrease your rest-time. If you want to build muscle, this is a workout that should be a key component in your fitness regime.

#4 Muay Thai

The best workouts to build muscle doesn't limit you to spending all day at the gym; sports plays a crucial role. Muay Thai is a martial art which uses fists, elbows, knees, and feet to strike. There’s also an element of sparring, using clinch maneuvers to conquer your opponent. The benefits of learning Muay Thai are numerous, but one of them is muscle building. Due to the rotational nature of all the movements, it is extremely effective in building muscle around your core. Striking, clinching and sparring all help to build muscle and strength.

#5 Weightlifting

A variety of different moves involving jerks, snatches and squats and help you build up your strength and resistance. The key to a successful weight training program is to start with weights which you can lift, recommended by a professional, and to slowly increase the amounts you can lift. If your goal is to build muscle, the general aim should be to reach a weight at which 8-12 repetitions challenges you.

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