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Avoiding holiday gain by ONE LDN PT Gary Ward (@gw_force) Finally the topic we were all waiting for!

Most people including myself will try to push harder on training regimes prior to a sunny holiday or any other special occasion.

We all want to look best but the difficulty is how to maintain what we worked so hard for and avoiding that holiday gain.

It only takes as little as 2 to 3 days to put on weight and see your body deterring (fatigue, loss of energy and laziness).

Here are my few tips to help you keep looking and feeling fabulous whilst still enjoying your time off and/or special event:

Stay active as much as you can – Walking to get to places or discover the area, going for a swim when it’s too hot or playing tennis with your partner or friends. I would also recommend a light fasted cardio in the morning before your breakfast – it sets your day nicely.

Keep your meals balanced – This is your consistency. You can easily enjoy all the good food but do not overdo it. Keep your plate balanced as you would do in your day to day life by keeping an eye on your macro.

Weigh yourself – Weighting yourself during holidays is going to help you keep track. It is just a little helper to tell you where you’re at.

Limit Liquid Calories – We all like to have a cheeky cocktail or glass of wine on holiday, which is fine but remember that it also counts in your macro and they add up very easily. Just watch out and stay reasonable.

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