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So often we dive into our workout with bags of enthusiasm but very little stretching. Warm up stretches before workouts are very important, with the process of stretching elongating the muscles and therefore allowing for optimal ROM (Range of Motion). In addition to loosening your muscles so you can get the most from your workout, it also reduces the risk of injury. Here are ONE LDN’s 5 best pre-workout stretches:

These muscles are often neglected in pre-workout stretches, but if you injure them, you’ll find out the hard way just how often you use them. Try stretching your hips with a Lying Hip Stretch or a Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch.


If you injure your hamstrings, not only will it hurt, but sometimes that pain can also spread all the way to your back. So trust us, you need to stretch your hamstrings. Give the Tipover Tuck Hamstring Stretch or Standing Hamstring Stretch a go before your next workout.


Another muscle we can all too easily ignore, but if you are a runner then these are the muscles you won’t want to forget about in your daily pre-workout stretches. Try a Wall Calf Stretch or a Curb Stretch to really loosen those muscles.


These are the muscles which run along the front of your thighs, and to stretch these out, the best way is to use a traditional Standing Stretch.


Shoulders carry a lot of stress so it’s important to loosen them up before you get moving. Both Neck Rolls and Shoulder Rotations will help warm up these upper body muscles.

Warm up stretches before workouts are an easy way of reducing the changes of you injuring yourself. Pre-workout stretches hardly take any time and make all the difference, so try and get in the habit of stretching before a workout.

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