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Weightlifting is one of the best ways to push yourself and build strength. If you're new to weightlifting, we recommend you first take a look at our top tips for beginners.

If not, let's get started! Here are ONE LDN’s list of the weightlifting exercises for the chest which will bring you the best results:

How The Chest Muscles Work

Your chest is made of two unique muscles: pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major is the larger and is the muscle used for most pushing motions. Pectoralis Minor is a small muscle which lies underneath the Pectoralis Major. Besides the difference in size, they are also designed to work in different ways. The Pectoralis Minor moves and rotates the shoulder blade – it is used during push-ups and dips.

Weight Lifting Exercises For Your Chest

#1 Barbell Bench Press

Lying flat on your back on the bench, keep feet firmly planted on the ground. Take hold of the bar, and grip it at shoulder width, with palms facing outwards. Slowly take the bar from the supports and lower it to the centre of your chest, breathe inwards, and push the bar upwards as you exhale and engage your pecs.

Tip: Always try to find someone to spot you when lifting heavy weights.

#2 Dumbbell Pullover

Placing feet firmly on the floor, keep your shoulder blades sideways on the bench and grasp the dumbbell with both hands, keeping your palms on the flat side of the dumbbell. Lift your arms to your chest, and this is your starting position. Inhale and lower the dumbbell behind your head, ensuring arms are still straight. Drop your hips downwards if you need to stabilise. Slowly return to the starting point and repeat.

Tip: Try this exercise with weightlifting gloves if you’re struggling to keep your grip on the dumbbell.

#3 Bar Dips

Take hold of the bars and keep your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Lean a little forward and slowly lower your body. Keeping the same slow pace, raise yourself back to the starting position.

Tip: Try to keep your lower body as still as possible so as to avoid swinging back and forth.

Whether you're new to weightlifting or an old hand, head down to ONE LDN to get started on your weightlifting journey.

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