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It’s a word we hear a lot, ‘balance’. Whether it is work/life balance, a balanced lifestyle, or just balancing our bank accounts, it seems in the modern day we can’t escape the notion of a balanced life.

But how do you achieve that perfect place between what you want to do, and what you have to do to achieve your goals? The truth is, the perfect balanced lifestyle simply doesn’t exist, and putting pressure on ourselves to get it perfect only sends us into a spiral of further stress. Instead, we suggest having your cake and eating it this summer, and here are our top tips for doing just that:

Fitness Socials

Diary filling up fast with pub garden invites and rooftop BBQs? It might be time to mix your social life
with your fitness regime. Why not suggest a yoga class instead of a meal out, or a long walk in the sunshine leading to that cold drink in the pub at the end? Not only will you save money, but you can kill two birds, staying active while catching up with friends and keeping your social life alive. Check out ONE LDN calendar of events for more ideas of friendly fitness fun!

Having your cake, literally

Struggling to keep your nutrition on track in the summer months? Why not host the next BBQ yourself.
There are so many amazing healthy versions of our favourite BBQ foods and sweet treats out there. Check out Joe Wicks Banging Burger recipes for some healthy options to cook up, or click on our Recipes to Beat the Heat for some taste sensation cocktails and desserts!

Book in a race

The sun’s out, and the summer race calendar is in full swing, which means motivation is only a few clicks
away! Signing up to a race or a challenge can be a great way to bring your training schedule back on track, with a clear objective to work towards. Making yourself accountable by posting about your challenge on social media, or raising money for a chosen charity will further increase your motivation to get out there and train. Check out the Runner’s World event search to find something near you!

Not yet a member of ONE LDN? Let us help you with all your summer training goals, BOOK AN APPOINTMENT to speak with one of our trainers today:


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