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Joining a Gym? Ask The Right Questions

With the New Year fast approaching, often this is when we begin to start thinking about joining a gym. With our own conveniently located gym in Fulham and newer Tower Hill gym, we can think of about eight hundred more reasons you would love ONE LDN. However, we appreciate that joining a new gym for the first time can often feel daunting. To demystify the process, we’ve put together 5 questions you should ask yourself before joining a gym in London.

1. How does the payment plan work?

Does the gym expect you to pay upfront, or does it take monthly DD’s? What does membership include? What is the cancellation policy? Depending on your financial circumstances, the cost and the method of payment can have a huge effect on whether or not a gym is right for you.

2. Is there a free induction?
With prices of gyms in London already sky high, it's well worth finding out if a free induction is included with joining. If a formal induction isn't possible, then ask if there's even someone available to show you how to work the equipment. The more you know about using the equipment properly and safely, the better the results you’ll get from your workouts.

3. Is there a locker room?
If your life is on the go, you might find yourself dragging a bag of sports clothes across town to the gym. Or maybe you need to come straight from work with your laptop. Either way, find out if you can safely store personal items in a locker room, and whether or not you need your own key.

4. Are there personal trainers?
Certain gyms prefer that you use their Personal Trainers, others let you bring in your own PT you’ve been working with previously. If the gym wants you to use their PT’s make sure you find out the costs involved.

5. Is spending money on this gym an investment?
If you believe in the ethos of the gym, like the atmosphere and can see yourself there, but are a bit worried about the price tag, ask yourself if you consider it a worthy investment. Even if it is costly, try to work out how often you will be going, and what that cost breaks down to per visit. Don’t be put off by the numbers – it could be more cost-effective than you think.

Interested in joining a gym in London? Click here for more information on our state of the art Chelsea gym and our newly opened Tower Hill gym.

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