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ONE LDN Ski Retreat in Partnership with ALS Private at the Wellbeing Chalet, France.

Saturday 21st - 25 January 2017

Morning Yoga

Vegan Detox Breakfast

Shuttle to La Rosiere

Afternoon Tea

Treatments and Spa Time

Evening Yoga and Meditation

Vegan Detox 4-Course Dinner


1700 Euros including:

Airport transfer

Breakfast, afternoon tea & dinner

60 minute holistic therapy treatment

All individuals in twin beds (with 2 individuals having double/kingsize beds to themselves): 10

All individuals in twin beds with 2 couples in the double/kingsize beds: 12

Plus use of the full size single bunk beds (a proper bedroom): Add 2

Plus use of the open plan mezzanine bedroom: Add 1 for and individual and 2 for a couple.

Maximum space in yoga studio: 12 plus a teacher.

For more information, please call 0203 750 0231 or email info@alsprivate.com

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