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How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle: Best Practices

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to lose fat and gain muscle. What is required of you is a balance between eating healthily and putting in the hours of exercise. However, through exercises like fat burning weight training, you can maximise effectiveness and speed up your results. Here are ONE LDN’s top tips to make sure you lose fat and gain muscle effectively.


It’s time to turn the intensity up. Forget slacking off, checking your phone and sending a text between sets. If you want to strip fat and build muscle, you need to give it your all, and that requires focus. Instead of doing the usual sets and the rest, try alternating upper body and lower body exercises so that you maintain continuous movement.


How you eat has a massive impact on the results you’ll see in the gym. You could have the best fat burning weight training program in the world but have slower progress if you're not ensuring you eat a balanced meal of carbs, protein and good fats. Aim to eat small healthy meals every three hours to regulate your blood sugar levels, and build up your muscle mass.


If you really want to see results and lose fat, then giving up alcohol is one way to speed up results. Alcohol is filled with empty calories, disturbs sleep, and increases your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) all of which are detrimental to fat loss and muscle gain.


Don’t rely on the same old workout time in time out. You’ll get complacent, and so will your muscles. Your body is designed to adapt, so shock it into action with some new moves every week if possible and try to challenge yourself.


Almost as important as the workout itself, is the time you allow your body to recuperate. After an intense fat burning weight training session, aim for eight hours sleep per night at the absolute minimum and you’ll see a difference in results. Sleep deprivation undermines your body’s ability to eat and train correctly which means that ultimately you’ll struggle to bring down your level of body fat. If you deny yourself sleep, you’ll sabotage all your hard work.

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