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Myth vs Reality. We tackle the myths behind strength training and put together a short guide that may just change your view.

Avoid heavy strength training they will cause injury

Overload is key when programming your Strength training. Without a safe and regular increase in the weight you lift and the exercise type, sets and reps you choose progression and physical results will not occur. How do you find a class that moves you from general studio class attendee or gym goer into someone who can become the best version of themselves. We have handpicked the very best coaches and designed safe but progressive training modalities in our WOD and weightlifting classes allowing members to safety lift heavy with good technique and push themselves to achieve what had previously not even been a goal. Strength training actually reduces injuries especially in women. Ankle, knee and hip injuries are common in women. Progressively lifting heavier strengthens muscles around the joint and their attaching ligaments and tendons. Ligament tears are 50% less likely to occur if women can squat over their own body weight.

Cardio training burns more calories

Strength training increases muscle mass which comprises of active tissue all of which requires energy to fuel its recovery. Strength training is high intensity activity and during high levels of load lifted heart rate can sit at 90% of heart rate max, which plays a significant demand on the anaerobic system. Strength training also increases the after burn effect (EPOC). With substantial micro fiber tears in muscles, a larger amount of energy (calories) is required to recover, so your burning more calories completing strength training. Strength training has also been shown to increase Basel Metabolic Rate. ONE LDN has loads of options whether you’re a beginner through to looking for that new challenge classes include BOOTY HIIT, BODY PUMP, WEIGHTLIFTING, GRIT PLYO, P90X, TRX AND WOD “WORKOUT OF THE DAY” classes. All of which are lead by the very best coaches that will support and educate you.

Weight training negatively effects endurance fitness

The likes of Mo Farah include weight training into their strength and conditioning programmes for many reasons. Published journals have shown strength training increases aerobic endurance (VO2 Max), thus increasing performance and reducing your 10k or marathon time. We recommend joining our WOD classes which incorporates specific bio mechanical sport related movements that include triple extension in DB cleans and barbell squats. WOD classes are always high intensity and blend aerobic conditioning with strength training.

Strength training will make you look manly

Women naturally have low levels of testosterone compared to men and actually increasing muscle mass for most women is extremely hard and takes years of dedicated body building to increase size. Most strength training programs are likely to see improvements such as muscle tone, weight loss and increased fitness levels. Some of the fitness industries most famous and successful women currently base most of their strength training around weightlifting. This includes exercises such as clean, snatch and jerk. ONE LDN highly recommends our weightlifting classes. Lead by the very best coaches the class has become the most popular on the timetable.

Strength training is just for guys and girls should stick to dance classes.

Since the revolution of the female athletes at the Crossfit Games and Olympic Gold medalists such as Jessica Ennis-Hill, strength training for women has become the norm. Role models include tennis star Serena Williams, UFC’s Ronda Rousey and boxing’s Nicola Adams. ONE LDN women love our weightlifting and WOD classes. Taking their fitness to the next step most members say its about learning something new, feeling like your improving, empowered and actually noticing their bodies change within weeks of joining the class regularly. Women don’t just want to repeatedly lift a weight, they want to know how and why they are, they demand results and education so we have specifically designed these classes to do just that.

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