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So you have decided you want to make a sustainable change to your fitness and lifestyle, nothing worth having comes easy. The 8 week programme is designed to be intense, but will also provide you with training variety, across both of our ONE LDN studios, where you have the ability to select from multiple styles of group fitness classes to suit your training goals, with our exceptional and professional coaches. You will be given a personal mentor who will work with you to align your training plan and nutrition for maximum results, its already proven to work wonders, mentally and physically. We are the only boutique training facility to encompass Strength, Cardio Conditioning, Yoga and Boxing/Muay Thai all under ONE roof. Welcome to the ONE team!

8 Week | ONE Body Plan | Your membership includes:

  • Access to unlimited group fitness classes across both ONE LDN studios (strength, cardio, boxing, yoga)
  • ONE BODY Social Community Facebook Group
  • Your own ONE LDN mentor for goal setting, assessment and weekly check-in
  • Consultation with our ONE LDN Nutritionist
  • Weekly Tips & Support for Training & Motivation
  • Before & after photos in our studio
  • Unique workshops & classes for ONE BODY clients only
  • 8 week workout guide
  • Bespoke calendar, organised by your mentor


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