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My name is Tom Rolt and Im a 38 year old dad to three beautiful little boys. I live in West London and have a reasonably stressful job in FMCG. After becoming a parent for the first time 7 years ago, the concept of exercise or even finding time to exercise was a pipe dream. Food was always on the go, generally finishing the kids meals. And sleep......well I slept whenever I could, but like most parents lets just say it was regularly broken. While I wouldnt change being a dad for the world, as you may see from my photos, a once proud rugby player become a little out of shape.

After a personal life changing event earlier this year, I decided to reach out to my friend and old colleague (now mentor) Laura aka @Bicepsandbronzer to focus on making a change in my life that Id been thinking about for a few years. It was time to turn a bad year into something more positive.

So in October this year I started the 10 weeks ONE Body Program with Laura and ONE LDN Studios. As a middle aged over weight man who hasnt worked out for year, I can say signing up was the easy thing! Once I signed up the nerves started! Thinking about walking into the gym for session one was TERRIFYING. All the pre-conceived ideas that they would be a bunch of muscle bound guys and girls throwing weights around laughing at a fat bloke struggling to run 1km was racing through my mind! What if I was sick? Collapsed? Do I need to take out insurance? Id be a joke. All my apprehension all vanished the second I walked in and spoke to Laura. The first thing she said to me which I will never forgot take it at your own pace, its not a competition and nobody is here to judge. Its you against yourself

Now I cant say the last 10 weeks has be easy. Ive had to face into balancing work and home with training session. VERY early starts. A new diet with food Id never heard of and strains in places I didnt even know I had muscles! But wow what a journey.

I train 5 / 6 times a week.
Monday, Thursday & Friday in the evenings and Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday in the mornings. Generally at ONE LDN and but after about 5 weeks started taking what I was learning with Laura to my own gym once a week. Laura had me initially on a lot of fat burning sessions (Metabolic conditioning & Engine Row) and have added some strength sessions in the later weeks. As for food, Ive learnt A LOT. I used the MYFITNESSPAL app to start understanding the balance of my diet what and when I should eat, as well it gave me new ideas on how to vary my diet.

Im delighted with how much weight I have lost and for me this is just the start of my journey. I plan to continue training at least 3 or 4 times a week and my new diet is just my normal way of life. I feel I have so much more energy at work and with my kids and can see the why people say health body healthy mind. 2018 is a fresh start in my life and Im look forward to taking it on both professionally and personally with a new lease of life and a good few Kgs lighter!!

Thanks Laura I owe you!


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