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There’s being strong and then there’s being ATHLETE STRONG - the whole package of: Strength, Power, Speed and Explosiveness. This 'Train like an Athlete' programme will take you through a specific training plan that mirrors the training of a Top-Class Athlete, giving you an insight into how they train.

Each session will comprise of a sport specific warm up, a drill set, a track session and sports specific explosive strength work.

These sessions will not just build muscle and shred fat, but will increase your power, speed, mobility and coordination.

Meet the team at Battersea Millennium Arena, 15 minutes before start time.

Be prepared to workout, and bring water.

Four week programme:

Wednesday 6th September

Wednesday 13th September

Wednesday 20th September

Wednesday 27th September

Book your ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/one-ldn-x-humblefit...

Limited spaces, first come first serve

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