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P90x and Insanity are two HIIT workouts. P90x was launched in 2003 when Tony Horton, a virtual unknown, launched an infomercial on his home exercise regimen. It was marketed as a successor to the program called "Power 90", and is a training programme which lasts 90 minutes which mixes weights, martial arts, yoga, stretching, cross-training and periodization.

Then came Insanity, created by Shaun T who devised a 60 minute workout comprising of body weight exercises that promised to be better than P90X.

Needless to say, both these programmes are extremely popular, with millions of people across the world achieving fantastic results. But which is the best programme for you? Here’s a lowdown on the pros and cons of each:


It is a varied combination of weights, full body movements, yoga, and plyometrics, so it will keep you on your feet. The high energy workouts combine strength and cardio, so you get the best of both worlds. P90X LIVE takes the best elements from boot camp, personal training, sports training and power lifting and puts them all into ONE workout.


Pushing HIIT to the max, this session develops strength, stamina, agility and power. Be prepared for 30 seconds of blistering intensity as you target all of the muscle groups in one shot.

So which is better for you?

Neither one is better than the other, rather it’s a question of which workout will best suit you and your lifestyle. Have a think about the workouts you usually prefer-both P90X and Insanity incorporate traditional elements from varying disciplines. If you are a fan of weightlifting, reps and anaerobic exercise then P90X might suit you better as the focus is on weight training. However, if you consider yourself to be more of an endurance athlete who favours pursuits like running, cycling and aerobic training then you might find yourself more drawn to Insanity. Insanity’s cardio base will raise your heart rate and keep it high for the entire session.

Still can’t make up your mind? Take a moment to evaluate your lifestyle – if you’re short on time, then a more intense, faster workout like Insanity could be just what you need. But if you feel like you want to try a wider range of movements, and can carve 90 minutes out of your day, then give P90X a go.

Have a browse of the P90x and Insanity classes at ONE LDN and book yourself in for the workout of your life.

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