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RunTBC is here to change the treadmill game. All too often our runs are ‘to be confirmed’, through cold weather, injuries or just life getting in the way. This is where RunTBC comes into its own. Train with friends, perform at your own speed and intensity and improve your running.
The drills:

Everyone would benefit for a bit more time on strength and mobility, but its just finding the time and the motivation. RunTBC puts emphasis on getting runners to think about their running and giving you the tools to become the most efficient runner you could be. The first 10 minutes are based on mobilising the hips and then activating the glutes and hamstrings. When was the last time you thought about your heel pick up when you ran?! At RunTBC we use the treadmill in a way you might not have before to bring track running drills and strength work to everyone.

The breathe:

Running is a personal journey and its going to be an incredibly short one if you don’t enjoy it. Welcome to the ‘running savasana’, a slow and welcoming running mediation where we can think about our breathing. Take a break from being in a class where you’re being told to push at a million miles an hour and focus on the smaller components of running.

The classes:
Run steep get high- think hill training is all about just getting fitter? You would be wrong. Incline training helps build running strength, not only does it develop flat land speed through the glutes but also increases knee stability, reducing the chances of injury. Its also about getting fitter!!
The need for speed- interval training builds your threshold pace. Want to push for a PB or just looking for a little improvement in your performance then joining in on an interval session takes you to the next level. The treadmill takes away much of the ground reaction force making it a safer environment to push your boundaries and develop neuromuscular strength.

Get strong run long- put your legs through some lactic burn and then build into your threshold pace. Help build the strength you need to keep your running form once you start to fatigue. Functional drill movements combined with tempo paced runs are designed to take you from ‘my legs can’t take anymore’ to ‘is that all you got’.

The video analysis:

During our running savasana we capture 20-30 seconds of your running form with high frame rate sports cameras. After each class you have the chance to look at these and speak to a technical running professional from ProFeet about your running form. If nothing else- you’ll be able to see if you’re running style changes over the course of your training.

Join us at RunTBC Monday 28th November at ONE LDN.
19.30pm - 20.15pm

Reserve your FREE space here:

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Save 15% at ProFeet (Fulham) to all class attendees.
(Discount code will be given on the day).

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