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She is ONE: Meet the Concept Manager at ONE LDN, Shannon Jewell. Worked both in the UK and the US at leading sport science departments at Bristol City and Arsenal Football club. She has worked with NBA athletes during her time at IMG Academies in Florida. More recently Shannon has worked at Imperial College London, creating all performance programs in conjunction with GB rowing, Fencing and British Basketball. You may also find her participating in a Muay Thai class, or coaching one of her specialised sessions at ONE LDN!

What is the difference between Muay Thai & Boxing?

Muay Thai incorporates elbows, knees and kicking into training and fighting, boxing is literally just with the hands. Muay Thai footwork, guard position and head movement is also different. Muay Thai is far more upright, with more lean backs and blocking with your legs rather than rolling and getting into a low position.

Can you list the benefits of doing a strength class such as WOD?

Workout of the day originally came from CrossFit programming. In general terms “Workout of the day” can be anything that a coach or person decides to complete in a session. Good WOD programming will have a balance of strength, flexibility power, agility, metabolic conditioning and co-ordination.

ONELDN programming takes all elements of strength and conditioning and allows you to improve your fitness levels whilst having fun. Learning shouldn't be slow and boring, you should expect to be able to learn something new each time you attend a session. There is nothing better than enjoying a workout and meeting like-minded people. Why should training be a chore and repetitive. WOD's are always different so you'll never get bored, plus no need for repetitive cardio sessions or weights sessions that you must motivate yourself.

Why should someone attend your class?

I think the people that migrate to my classes are people looking to have a super intense workout whilst having fun. I love the idea I can have total beginners in my session all the way through to extremely athletic individuals. The sessions tend to be frantic, everything going on at once, little rest time and always moving onto the next exercise. My favourite thing is to see people’s confidence grow as their abilities improve.

Do you need prior experience to take a class?

Absolutely no experience is needed to join in a WOD, I can cater the exercises and main aims around your ability. Just bring an open mind, a huge amount of enthusiasm and possibly a bottle of water.

What advice would you give to a beginner?

Take the first step and come do a WOD or Muay Thai class. Often people think you need a certain fitness level or ability to join a class. You don't, just have the confidence to book your first class. You will be supported through the session and within the first few weeks you'll never look back.

How many times a week do you recommend training?

This is a tricky question, for me it’s more about what you do in the gym and how consistent are you. Therefore, I recommend classes because you will receive a varied workout that will hit all training fundamentals which includes making sure your reaching overload and are progressing.

When is your first fight, and how long have you been preparing for it?

Well David Tieu is my coach from Team Tieu. He has taken me from complete enthusiastic beginner less than a year ago, to my first fight May 21st. It is an amateur show in London and I can't wait.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

To stop making excuses. Muay Thai is about commitment and training hard even when you don't feel like it some days. Lucky for me I’m normally always looking forward to training each day.

Do you find it challenging each session or are you use to it?

I've played International sport when I was younger and been in competitive sport for many years training with elite coaches and strength and conditioners however nothing can match the levels of fitness and strength required in Muay Thai. Training is hard, but I’m surrounded by all abilities and get the opportunity to learn off everyone. The atmosphere is great and members who join the classes are so supportive to each other. Every session is so tough, my body has adapted so much since I’ve been doing Muay Thai sessions. I have gone from 23% body fat to 16% body fat and it’s still reducing. I get to eat loads of food and have a six pack, not a bad benefit to the sport! My fitness levels have never been as good which means anything else I do is never as hard. Muay Thai is an extremely technical sport so it’s easy to start but exceptionally hard to master so my learning is only at the tip of the ice berg.

How many rest days do you have between training sessions?

I like to have two rest days a week but train twice a day for the other days. I don't obsess with when I should or shouldn't train. If I feel good I can train up to 4 hours a day, but some days I have loads of work on and I'm tired so I listen to my body. If someone is looking to fight they should be training twice a day leading up to the fight.

Who would you love to fight against?

Aurore Lauzera is a really cool girl on Instagram, she use to play other sports but then moved into Muay Thai. She is a great ambassador to women who don't listen to stereotyping and just want to enjoy their bodies and feel good about themselves. The second fighter would be Joanna Jedrzejczyk from the UFC she has been unbeaten for so many fights and holds the strawweight belt.

Can you tell us two myths about strength training?

Strength training will reduce your flexibility. Completed in the right way strength training exercises such as overhead squat improves flexibility through the upper back, shoulder girdle and hips.

The second myth is that strength training always requires barbells and dumbbells. I am a huge fan of lifting heavy stuff but more recently I have seen massive strength gains incorporating body weight exercises such as pull ups and press ups.

Shannon teaches boxing every Tuesday morning, Muay Thai every Wednesday afternoon, and WOD every Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Check out our studio timetable here.

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