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When was the first time you knew you could make a career out of fitness?

I started teaching a couple of fitness classes at a gym in Shanghai, when I was living there. I absolutely loved it! It combined my love of teaching and also helping people explore and discover their potential and capabilities through movement.

I took it up as a side job to my corporate career- mainly to keep me sane. I loved it so much I thought- right, it’s time to make a career out of this. So, I quit my job and started doing more classes to pay the bills. Not one regret.

What do you want your clients to feel during your classes?

Present, positive and focused.

I want them to leave everything at the door and have fun. Battle with every single demon inside them telling them that they can't and prove that they actually can!

If you were not doing fitness, what would you be doing?

In my past life I was a mechanical engineer before I decided to do fitness full time.

Oh mate, I'd be sat at a desk in the city doing grown up stuff.

What is your favourite equipment to use during a workout?

I love using equipment and weights, but I love to get really creative exploring my range, strength and agility with just my mat.

My favourite equipment at the moment are gymnastic rings! You can hang them up anywhere you go and do lots of fun stuff! You also get a great full body workout using them.

What’s your favourite song lyric?


“Live with it and love it” Nas – Trust, Take ownership for your actions and decisions.

Right now it's probably..."The ting goes skrrrraaah, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka"
You know the rest!

Kim, can you give us a rap about your ONE LDN class?

Pull up to the bar, ring off the bell
Couple complex lifts, with the barbell
One-two squat and dead off your lifts
Work up a sweat but leave the class looking krisssss

pahaha can't believe I just spent 5 mins doing that!

Tameka, how do you come up with your stories before your class?

I love stories, listening and telling them too. I use them to introduce a theme or focus for the yoga class and hope that by sharing something quite personal to me helps people get a feel for what I’m talking about.

I use a trailing thought from that day/week for a class theme, but usually a completely different story leaves my lips than what I planned. You definitely get the real deal, unfiltered story version.

When was the first time someone slid in your DM’s?

Lol! I don’t even know what this means.

What kind of slide in the DMs do you meannnn??

What do you want Santa to bring you this Christmas?

Anything covered in dark chocolate, caramel and sea salt please! (:

32 degrees celcius, a white sand beach and sun lounger please

What’s next to come in 2018?

Big things for 2018! All the more reason to follow me @tamekasmall

Many exciting things! Stay in tune to my instagram @kimmayco to find out more. It includes food and and lots of passion projects with @foodandlycra

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