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Suffering from brain drain or feel like you’re running on empty? Boosting energy levels is all about getting the right type of food, exercising properly, and making certain lifestyle decisions that will leave you better prepared to take on the day. So step away from the double espresso and try out these following tips to help recharge your batteries and fight fatigue.

A Drop Makes a Difference

Water accounts for approximately 60% of your body weight. Your organs and all vital systems require water in order to function properly. Fatigue is, after all, one of the first signs of dehydration. Even a small drop in your body's water levels can hurt you. A study from Tufts University found that mild dehydration - a loss of just 1 to 2 percent of body weight as water - was enough to impair thinking. Make sure you’re getting your 6-8 glasses a day, by keeping a water bottle with you and eating plenty of fruit and veg which will also help boost your H?O intake.

Sweat it Out

Two hours is how long you’ll feel revved up for, after taking just a 10-minute walk, according to a study in Personality and Social Psychology. While it may seem as if moving about when you feel exhausted is the quickest route to feeling more exhausted, the opposite is true. Experts say that increasing physical activity - particularly walking - increases energy. In experiments conducted by Robert Thayer, PhD, at California State University, a brisk 10-minute walk not only increased energy, but the effects lasted up to two hours. And when the daily 10-minute walks continued for three weeks, overall energy levels and mood were lifted. Swap that walk for a Muay Thai session, and you’ll be fired up for the rest of the day.

Nourish Yourself

Neglecting your breakfast or eating a breakfast full of empty calories, is a sure way to crash in the middle of the day. A healthy breakfast will help jump start your metabolism and keep it firing the rest of the day. Studies show that those who eat breakfast report being in a better mood, and have more energy throughout the day. Avoid breakfast bars and biscuits, instead opting for a filling bowl of oats to aid digestion or eggs which are high in protein, and snack wisely to help boost your protein and vitamin intake.

Studies show omega-3 fatty acids improve mood and brain function, essential for avoiding a midday slump, and magnesium is also linked to high energy levels. To make sure you're getting enough vits, add a handful of almonds or cashews to your daily diet, increase your intake of whole grains and leafy greens, and eat more fish.

B positive

Vitamin B consists of 11 vitamin B factors which work together to perform important metabolic functions, and regulate the body's level of energy and vitality. Because B vitamins are water soluble and are not stored in the body, they are easily lost when you are under stress or eating unhealthy food, including coffee, cola drinks, and other caffeine containing beverages. Fatigue and depression can result from the depletion of B vitamins.

Holland and Barrett’s head nutritionist Kate Butler explains ‘B vitamins contribute to energy metabolism and support the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, so it really is important to make sure you get your daily dose.’

Take a Power Nap

College students and kindergartens love them. There may be proof that catching a few zzz’s in the afternoon can be beneficial to your health. Research has shown that both information overload and pushing our brains too hard can zap energy. But studies by the National Institutes of Mental Health found that a 60-minute ‘power nap’ can not only reverse the mind-numbing effects of information overload, it may also help us to better retain what we have learned. A few minutes of stretching every day can also help relieve stress, relax tense muscles and re-energize your day by improving blood flow, so lean back and stretch out your stress.

By Connie Foster-Hall

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