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Valentine's day romance has been done to death. The chocolates, flowers, movies and packed London restaurants are far from original. Not only that, but for those of you who are passionate about sports and health, the traditional date ideas can tend to be booze-fuelled sugar fests. Although the gym may not seem like an obvious option for a date, it will definitely be an experience which will show you whether or not your partner is the one for you. If you and your partner can get red faced and sweat in front of each other, and still want to go on another date, then the future looks promising.

There are so many ways to get to know someone, and if fitness and health is a big part of your life and you’re looking for sporty date ideas, then why not see what your Valentine is really made of at ONE LDN’s Chelsea gym. Our prime location means you can even head for a romantic walk by the River Thames afterwards!

Without further ado, here's ONE LDN's guide to 5 alternative Valentine's dates::

#1 Boxing Beaus

At first glance, sparring against each other in a boxing ring may not seem like the best date idea. But what better way to unleash your partners competitive spirit and have some fun than battling it out like gladiators with a Muay Thai class.

#2 HIIT Hotties

Get hot and sweaty…in a HIIT class. Test your endurance as a couple (and sense of humour) in an HIIT class which will get you both hot under the collar and raise your heartbeat.

#3 Ride Me

No, really. That’s the name of the class! If you’re mad about bikes, take your prospective partner on a test ride through this cycle class, with the best music around. Ride Me is a much healthier alternative to a night out!

#4 Candlelit Couple

Try a candlelit meditation class as a couple. Take a bit of time out to relax, distil those first date nerves, and experience a higher plane together.

#5 TRX Twosome

TRX circuits can be a joint effort and encourage team work. So build a bond together as well as developing your balance, co-ordination and strength

If you fancy switching it up this Valentine's day, head to our state of the art Chelsea gym and let the sparks fly! After all, couples that sweat together stay together.

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