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Often we focus on 5 exercises to target specific muscles hoping that we will magically transform our bodies. Unfortunately, the best thing you can do for both body and mind, is to focus on more than just five isolated exercises.

To really get the best from your body, burn fat, get fit and build muscle, then focus on the workout rather than individual exercises. Here are ONE LDN’s top 5 best workouts for men; though you can also find our pick of the best workouts for ladies.


Whether you are already a free weights-afficionado looking for more inspiration, or a total newbie to lifting, this is the class you are after. Highly experienced, world class weightlifting coaches will help you develop your technique with jerks, snatches and squats and build up your strength and resistance.

You can either choose a class which will get you boxing with a bag, or one where you learn to box in pairs. Bag boxing will teach you intense punching combinations that will improve your fitness and tone your body. Alternatively you can try a paired class where you’ll be boxing against someone with pads and learn how to spar hard and fast. This class is fantastic for anyone hoping to develop their upper body and abs. Boxing is the ultimate workout for calorie burning, so if you are looking to strip fat look no further.


This class uses a suspension cage and TRX equipment to develop balance, strength, co-ordination and posture. Unlike the weights classes, you will be doing body weight exercises to build muscle and hone your physique.


This is an intense class using kettle bells to work out your entire body. Rather than just doing the same old reps, the HIIT class gets you using kettle bells to lunge, squat and row in moves which will get the heart rate rising and help you build muscle and strip fat.


Unleash your inner Karate Kid with a session of Jiu Jitsu. As well as being one of the best workouts for men, it's possibly one of the most enjoyable, too. This is a full body workout which incorporates wrestling and judo moves in close contact pair work. Even if you’ve never done it before, do not be put off – it’s open to all abilities. Not only will this help build your strength and agility, but it’s also a great way to relieve stress.

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