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If you want to look good, feel better or build up your strength, the most important thing is to think beyond 5 solitary exercises which will somehow magically transform your body and mind. For anyone hoping to achieve their goals, there is no quick fix. There is however, an answer.

Whether you're a weights or cardio kind of girl, balance is key. Focus on the 5 best workouts rather than the best exercises. That way you will target multiple muscle groups, and build agility and flexibility as well as lean muscle. Rather than focusing on the aesthetic results, think of them as the side dish to the main course (feeling good and building a stronger body). With that in mind, here are the best 5 workouts for women, for both the bikini-bunnies and the strength-building-babes. See here for the best workouts for guys.


This man-free class is a serious dose of Girl Power. It will get you sweating, burning fat and toning your body whilst you punch out all your stress into a bag as hard and fast as possible.

#2 WOD

This workout changes every session, but you can always count on being pushed to the max. With circuits of varying reps of strength and resistance moves, this class covers all areas of your body.


Not typically associated with getting you the bikini body of your dreams, weightlifting has seen a recent rise in popularity amongst women. Despite the connotations of bulking you up, weightlifting done in the right way actually has the opposite effect – helping you build lean muscle. This means there's no need to choose between weights or cardio, as you burn up a lot of calories when weight training. This class will teach you how to jerk, snatch, squat and much more, all the while tightening your body and burning fat.


This class will unleash your inner Beyonce, and pretty much does what it says on the tin. If you want the perfect butt, this is the class for you. Booty HITT takes you through movements designed to strengthen, tighten and sculpt your butt, quads and calves in no time.


This class is pretty much like a disco. With weights. You’ll be guided through proven moves and techniques using light to moderate weights in time with music that will get your mojo popping. Whether you're into weights or cardio, this intense combination class will leave you remembering your workout for the next week.

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