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The Best Exercise for Bad Hips

Exercising your hips can make a huge difference to your flexibility and mobility, and big improvement on your lifestyle. Hip injuries can be caused by both over activity and under activity, and the small hip muscles are often neglected in workouts. The best exercise for bad hips is anything which uses the hard to reach hip muscles, which often do not get adequately stretched out or warmed up. Here are ONE LDN’s tips and best exercises for bad hips:

#1 Seated Hip Flex

Often the muscles which pull the hip into flexion can become weak and underused. This movement will spark life back into the hip flexors and increase flexibility. It's one of the best exercises for bad hips; to do this exercise, begin by placing your hands in the curve of your back. Raise one hip upwards and count to five. Repeat on the other side, slowly increasing the counts you hold the position for.

#2 Side Bridge

Working out the long muscles along your sides, will not only help strengthen them but help control hip and pelvis motion in general. Lie on your back, and using your forearms to support your weight, bend your knees to a 90 degree angle and lift your pelvis from the floor. Make sure that you are straight from your shoulders to your ankles. Hold for five and slowly lower. Repeat on the alternate side, and aim for 3 sets of 5 reps.

#3 Split Squat

For this exercise you will need to use weights. Place one foot in front of the other in a lunge position, with knees slightly bent and feet fairly far apart. Slowly lower into a lunge-squat, ensuring that the back knee does not touch the floor. Hold for three beats and then slowly raise. Alternate legs and repeat this 5 times per side.

Exercising with an injury of any kind is always something that should be done with caution, and never without the advice of a professional fitness instructor or physiotherapist.

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