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Knee pain can be crippling, turning even the most simple actions – like walking up a flight of stairs – into a nightmare. One of the key things to remember when undertaking exercises for your knees, is to never bend your knees so that they stick out beyond your toes. Keeping them in line with your toes keeps the pressure off the kneecap and strengthens the muscles around them.

Here are ONE LDN’s top exercises for knees:

#1 Partial Squats

For this exercise you will need to use a chair. Stand about 13 inches from the chair and keep your feet in line with your hips. Engage your core, make sure that your knees do not stick out beyond your toes, and then lower yourself halfway to the chair, making sure that you bend from the hips. Repeat 8-10 times.

#2 Standard Step-ups

For this exercise you will need an exercise block or a staircase. Beginning with whichever side feels comfortable, step onto the step and tap the alternate foot on the top of the step. Make sure that as you step up, your knee is in line with your ankle, not jutting out beyond it. Repeat 30 times each side.

#3 Petersen Step Ups

For this exercise you will need a low platform and dumbbells. Holding the dumbbells with arms straight by your side, place one foot on the platform, and lift at the toes. From this position, straighten your leg on the platform, and with the other tilt your heel towards the floor. Repeat 10 times per leg.

#4 Side Leg Lifts

For this exercise you will need to use ankle weights positioned above your knee. Lie on your right side, keeping your legs together and straight. Use your right arm to support your head if you need. Bring your left leg to shoulder height and then very slowly lower to starting position. Repeat on the opposite side.

#5 Poliquin Step Ups

For this exercise you will need an exercise block or a wall. Stand with your left foot on its toes, the ball of your heel pressed into the wall/exercise block, keeping your right foot flat on the ground. Straighten your right leg and point your toes towards the ceiling. Then lower yourself on your left leg (essentially a one legged squat) and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat this ten times per leg.
Exercising with an injury of any kind is always something that should be done with caution, and never without the advice of a professional fitness trainer or physiotherapist.

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