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What with the stresses of work, family and finances, it’s all too easy to fall into familiar routines. When we are low on time and energy, sometimes the easiest option is to do the workout we know we like, or head to the class we know we can do.

The most powerful question you can ask yourself when you are in a motivational slump is - Do I continue to stay on the road I'm travelling along, getting the same results again and again? Or do I turn down a new path, the road of real change?

Open your mind. Do something different. Be the girl that tries fight club, be the guy that gets abs from a ballet-based workout. Take yourself on a new journey with one of these HIIT fitness classes.

Are you prepared to take the road less travelled and step to the unknown? Head to our gym in Chelsea and have a go at one of the classes challenging the stereotypes:

Muay Thai and Fight Club

Get your Muay Thai pads at the ready. Although it might sound like an exotic cocktail, Muay Thai and Fight Club is actually the ultimate HIIT workout. A form of martial art incorporating boxing and kicking moves, classes involve intense sparring sessions that will work on your cardiovascular fitness, co-ordination, balance and strength. The classes strengthen and tone upper arms and are also incredibly effective If you want a stronger core with defined abs due to the rotating motions. Not only that, but it provides you with a fantastic cardio session.

Sound like a ‘boy’s’ thing? Wrong. Supermodels like Gisele and Gigi Hadid are super fans of this workout, which has encouraged waves of women to roll up their yoga mats and put their best fist forward, fighting their way to fitness and lean muscle. All you need is your gym kit and willingness to try.

ONE LDN provides boxing wraps for £6.00 payable by card.

Barre Workouts

Barre was the workout invented by Lotte Berk in 1959, a German ballerina based in London. When she injured her back, she decided to combine her dance routine with her physiotherapy exercises. Do not be fooled – this is not an easy ride.

Instead of macro movements like squats and push ups, you will be focusing on micro movements also known as isometric movements. This means you’re getting a killer workout because isometric movements not only tone but increase your strength and workout your body in a totally different way: you’ll target multiple muscle groups at once. Plus - it’s a fantastic complementary workout to your normal routine because the smaller actions mean lower risk of injury.

ONE LDN's Chelsea gym offers three different variations; Beach Body Barre is a dynamic pilates based workout designed to get you beach-ready, ONE LDN Barre Bootcamp will target your butt, hamstrings, and core in a dance-fuelled class and Total Barre combines traditional ballet barre exercises with Pilates, HIIT fitness classes, dance and yoga to improve strength and posture. The moves are bodyweight, but light weights can also be used, along with resistance bands in order to increase the intensity.

ONE LDN provides resistance bands and all other equipment.


Over at our gym in Chelsea, we cooked up W.O.D (Workout Of the Day) - the class that will really test you. The best thing about these HIIT fitness classes is that you never know what will come next. For those of you who like to keep things fresh, exciting and spontaneous, then this is the route for you. You will be at the mercy of your coach who will push you to extremes using a mixture of sandbags, battle ropes, weights, kettlebells, TRX, sledges, dumbells and body weight exercises. One minute you will be on a rowing machine, the next you could be doing upside down wall-walks you never dreamed you were capable of. So pave your own journey with a mixture of circuits, metabolic conditioning and strength workouts that will take your strength, body and mind to unchartered territory.

ONE LDN provides all equipment.

It's time to make that ONE decision which could change your path forever…

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