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If you’re looking for some February motivation, or just some fresh ways of working out, then training with a friend could be just what you need to get fit and have fun.

Having an exercise partner can be the push you need to get off the sofa in the evening, and get into the gym. Working out in a pair provides an incentive and motivation.

Here’s why you should be training with a friend:

1. You'll be accountable

The idea of working out post-work doesn’t seem so fun does it? You may want to skip a gym session with yourself, but when there’s a friend counting on you for a training session, you are much less likely to cancel. What’s more, once you’re in the habit of working out, it’s much less likely you’ll even think of bailing.

2. You'll have more fun

It’s no surprise that the treadmill can get a bit dull after a while, but with a buddy in tow you can mix up your training sessions; don some boxing gloves and try a bit of sparring, spot each other weightlifting, or even race each against each other on the bike machines.

3. You'll push yourself

Training with a friend means that you up the intensity. Tap into your competitive streak, and get your effort levels rising. If you are at the same fitness level, you can use this to spur one another on. No-one wants to be the person who can’t keep up with the pace.

4. You'll have a designated spotter

Goodbye to the cringey moments where you have to ask someone random to spot you. Use your friend to check your form whilst they spot you, which will lower the risk of injury.

5. You’ll have a personal cheerleader

For the workouts where you’re not feeling so chipper – you know the ones, after a heavy night, ten consecutive pizzas, a chocolate overload, or just feeling flat- this is where a training buddy can be the difference between giving up or pushing forward. There’s nothing better than someone cheering you on, and boosting your spirits.

6.You can bore them with sports talk

Only someone in the same boat will be able to share your excitement in talking about planking videos, how your abs have improved, how many inches you’ve lost from your waist, or the calories in your cup of coffee that morning. Training with a friend means you can share all of that chatter, and what’s more… they will actually care!

7. They’ll drop the truth bomb

You know them well enough to ask for honest feedback. And they know you well enough not to pack any punches. Could you squat lower? Lunge deeper? Your gym pal will tell you, and help you to become your potential.

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