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CXWORX is a workout designed to target your torso, burning calories whilst you tighten the core muscles which connect your upper body to your lower body. It not only focuses on your abs, but all of the muscles around the core including your butt. Having a stronger core makes a huge difference to your everyday life – whether it’s sports, general mobility or posture – your core is at the centre of it all.

The fantastic thing about CXWORX which distinguishes it from other workouts is that every move has different options. What this means is that you can challenge yourself at your own pace under the careful guidance of qualified instructors. Classes consist of a mixture of working with resistance tubes and weight plates, as well as body weight exercises.

If you’re wisely thinking of trying out a class then you’ll need the usual staples: comfortable workout clothes, gym shoes, towel and water. ONE LDN provides resistance bands and weights in every class.

As a HIIT workout, CXWORX is one of the most effective you can do. It’s extremely intense, but in a good way-you’ll be pushed and challenged at a pace you can cope with. The moves will get your heart rate pumping and The best thing about it? It’s quick. Which means for anyone who lives life on the go, or who struggles to fit the gym in between picking the kids up from school, this is the class guaranteed to give you the maximum results in the minimum time frame. Those thirty minutes will push you mentally and physically, toning your core and improving your body’s functional strength for balance, flexibility and injury prevention.

So what’s a typical class like? The first track is music to warm you up. Doable floor based moves kick your body into gear. Then you’ll move on to lower abdominals and planks to intense music. The third track will work on standing strength, focusing on glutes and integration between upper and lower body. It’ll be a mixture involving wood-chops, lunges with twists and variations of squats. The fourth track works on hip stabilization and more work on your glutes. The penultimate track will be all about the obliques – perfect for fat loss, burning calories and blasting the muffin top into oblivion. Last but not least, balance is the key. The final moves will strengthen the back and work on your posture. You can slowly unwind.

So if you want to get a strong core, and have an intense workout with an addictive tracklist, CXWORX is the workout for you.

Try to allow a day between classes to give your body adequate rest time.

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