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Get limber and lean.

Build strength and power where it matters the most. Offering yoga, Barre and Pilates in our light and airy flex and core studio, we will make sure you not only look incredible but feel incredible too.

Flex and Core classes include:


  • Beach Body Barre - Get ready to hit the beach in style. This dynamic ballet and Pilates-based workout is blended with some butt-busting intervals to give you a perfect bod.
  • ONE LDN Bootcamp - ONE LDN Barre will target your butt, hamstrings, and core in ONE dance-fuelled, fun-filled class.
  • Total Barre - This is ONE hell of a workout that will leave you with ONE hell of a body. Traditional ballet barre exercises are combined with Pilates, HIIT, dance and yoga to improve strength and posture, leaving you with an enviable dancer’s body.


  • Yoga - Calm your mind and invigorate your soul as you work your way through a series of gentle stretches, postures, and positions. You’ll be strong, flexible, lean and full of energy in no time. All levels welcome.
  • Strong Vinyasa Flow - There is no better workout than a strong Vinyasa yoga class. Expect to sweat your butt off as you take on intense cardio, core, and strength building exercises.


  • Pilates - Stand tall, strong and sculpted with this amazing core and postural workout. Focused on developing strength through your trunk, improving flexibility, endurance, and balance, Pilates will prepare you for anything.
  • PIYO - Get sleek arms, flat abs and a tight butt, with this low-impact, high intensity, total-body workout. Incorporating elements of Pilates and yoga, this innovative bodyweight workout will burn calories, improve flexibility and build strength – both physically and mentally.
  • CX Worx - Strong glutes and core are the vital ingredients for a better body. They’re the glue that holds everything together. Take part in this highly targeted workout and the results will speak for themselves.

Our dedicated Flex & Core area is equipped with premium yoga mats and blocks, as well as specially designed balance bars for our Barre sessions.
Our coaches also run posture workshops to help you take your yoga practice to the next level.