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Hungry. Determined. Ambitious.

Area of Expertise: Weight loss, muscle development, toning and sculpting, HIIT, functional training to assist with every day fitness and prevention of injury.

Bella's training style focuses on building a strong foundation to support in standard daily activities whilst working towards any specific goals you may have. Whether that be losing weight, building lean muscle or getting your HIIT fix, her programs can be tailored to work around your needs. If you're looking for a first class motivator, and a knowledgeable trainer, then her diverse training methods are guaranteed to get results and put you on a high after one of her sessions. Everything is about balance in life and in her sessions Bella will guide you towards better nutritional choices to work alongside your fitness program to ensure you get the best results you can achieve.

Guilty Pleasure: Country Music... YEEHAA!

Instagram: @feathersfoodfit

Facebook: @feathersfoodfit

Twitter: @feathersfoodfit

Email: feathersfoodfit@gmail.com

Mobile: 07909682234

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