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Strong. Fiery. Creative

Area of Expertise: Knowledge in Strength & Conditioning practices. Weight training should not be feared (especially by women) - there are so many benefits to incorporating it into your programme alongside cardiovascular conditioning. I will help you to adopt correct form and technique in all movements and educate you on the entire process so you start reaping the rewards and seeing the changes right from the get go.

One LDN’s very own Pocket Rocket. I may be a petite 5ft 2 but don’t be fooled, I’m strong and fiery and I love to lift. Catch me Saturday’s morning taking Strength & Sweat. I enjoy helping other people work for the progress they want by educating and motivating them to make sustainable lifestyle changes. I promote methods that transform unhealthy habits and fuel healthy minds and bodies.

Guilty Pleasure: Disney movies. A part of me never wants to fully grow up!

Favourite workout tune: Jacob Banks - Sink or Swim. This song reminds me of the time I quit my 6 year 9-5 career to follow my dream of becoming a self-employed PT!

Instagram: Instagram: @bethany_c_d

Email: bethany.duckworth@me.com

Mobile: 07807657496

Upcoming Sessions
Thu 12 Dec
6:30am - Strength & Sweat (Upper Body)
Sat 14 Dec
9:00am - Strength & Sweat (Full Body)
Sat 14 Dec
10:00am - Strength & Sweat (Full Body)
Mon 16 Dec
6:30pm - Strength & Sweat (Upper Body)
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