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Fit. Tattooed. Muscle.

Areas of Expertise: Boxing, HIIT and bodybuilding. Level 5 Weight Loss Practitioner. Level 5 Advanced Dietary Supplement Advisor.

Chris has been personal training in London for over four years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of different disciplines. It is not only this knowledge, but his clear passion for health and fitness that help to differentiate him from the average trainer - join Team Over-Training now.

Guilty pleasure: Protein pancakes

Favourite workout tune:
Eminem, Soldier

Instagram: Overtraining_pg

Twitter: Overtraining_pg

Facebook: Overtraining

Website: Over-training.com / Over-Training121.com

Mobile: 07912436259

Upcoming Sessions
Tue 20 Aug
6:00pm - ONE HIIT Wonder
Wed 21 Aug
12:30pm - ONE HIIT Wonder
Thu 22 Aug
12:15pm - Engine Circuit
Thu 22 Aug
6:00pm - ONE HIIT Wonder
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