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The Handstand Man

Area of Expertise: Handstands, bodyweight training (calisthenics), mobility and flexibility, fat loss, nutrition, building lean muscle and strength training.

David has been a personal trainer for over 3 years, he has coached internationally and has now settled in London. His approach to his clients is about helping them to reach their desired goals.

He has a professional and thorough approach towards his clients, working to achieve desired goals and providing them with the knowledge they need to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Quote to live by: Learn to enjoy the journey

Guilty Pleasure: biscuits, pizza and gin (not necessarily in that order)

Website: handstandman.co.uk

Email: david@handstandman.co.uk

Instagram: Handstand_man_uk

Facebook: davidrjfitness

Mobile: 07516224882
Upcoming Sessions
Tue 10 Dec
7:00pm - Intro To Handstands
Tue 17 Dec
6:30am - Strength & Sweat (Full Body)
Tue 17 Dec
7:00pm - Intro To Handstands
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