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Passionate. Dedicated. Motivated.

Area of Expertise: Full body transformation, dramatic weight loss, muscle gain, body re-composition, proportion improvement, natural physique and bikini coach.

With a background in triathlon, taekwondo, boxing and powerlifting (he was Bodypower 2015 Champion in Men’s Physique category), Ivar is a motivated individual. Ivar’s friendly nature and wealth of experience transform both athletes and total beginners. Whether you’re struggling to squeeze workouts into a busy schedule, or need some one-to-one guidance and motivation, Ivar can adapt any training programme to suit your needs.

Guilty Pleasure: Cheesecake and fishing.

Favourite workout tune: Linkin Park, Session..


Twitter: IvarGereiko

Email: ivarsfitness@live.co.uk

Mobile: 07773355577

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