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Body Transformation Specialist

Area of Expertise: Fat loss, muscle build, strength and conditioning.

Ivor is eager to share his passion for health, fitness and well-being with others. In a quest to get himself in the best possible shape, without the use of performance enhancements, he has developed several body and mind transformational programs that he now uses to help clients to achieve their goals. He promises that as long as one is willing to get into the right mind frame then he can get him or her in the best shape possible with 1-3% of body fat loss in a week. Check out what his clients have to say. http://www.trueperformance.co.uk/#real-results

Guilty Pleasure: PS4 and pizza.

Favourite workout tune: ACDC, Thunder Strike.

Instagram: true_performance_fitness

Twitter: TP Fitness

Email: coach.ivor@googlemail.com

Mobile: 07881955581

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