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Area of Expertise: My health and fitness philosophy is about creating complete fitness and body functionality. I have experience in fat loss, muscle gain and endurance event preparation for both running and cycling. I utilise a range of training styles and techniques to help you achieve your goals, whilst adding the fun and enjoyment factor to ensure you adhere to your routine.

Having achieved a BSc in Sport Science from University of Southampton, James has since worked with Governing Bodies of Sport and professional Football Club (Fulham FC) where he has developed a range of sport and fitness related skills. In 2013, James competed in a 'Fitness Model' competition (Miami Pro) and placed Top 4 in the UK through utilising his diet and training protocols for muscle gain and fat loss.

He is a UK Ambassador for Fitbit and most recently trained the X-Factor finalists through 2016/17.

James enjoys all aspects of fitness and practices what he preaches, running the Paris half marathon and cycling the Ride 100 in London.

Guilty Pleasure: Cheese - both cheesy lines and food!

Favourite workout tune: No body to love - Sigma


Facebook: londonfitnessguy

Email: Londonfitnessguy@gmail.com

Mobile: 07921148097

Upcoming Sessions
Thu 12 Dec
6:30am - Cycle and Shred
Tue 17 Dec
6:30am - Cycle and Shred
Thu 19 Dec
6:30am - Cycle and Shred
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