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The Complete Athlete

Area of Expertise: Muscle building, fat loss, calisthenics, strength and conditioning.

Kris' training style is one that will push all aspects of your body and it's capabilities. With Kris you will learn how to build a strong, lean physique by using lifts from Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and free weight exercises. You'll also train to be fast, athletic and develop your proprioception and balance by using styles of training from Gymnastics, Calisthenics and Plyometrics. His nutrition and diet philosophy is one that will allow you to still enjoy eating your favourite foods as you shred your body fat away. When you join Kris as a client you can expect to receive a complete coaching that will not only get your physical health in the best state possible but also one that gets you feeling mentally strong and powerful.

Guilty Pleasure: Krispy Cremes (Peanut butter and jelly is the best).

Favourite workout tune: Bad Meets Evil, All I Think About.

Instagram: KrisRoberts

Facebook: Kris Roberts

Twitter: Krisrobertsfit

Email: krisroberts4400@gmail.com

Mobile: 07833688854

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