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Fat Loss Specialist.

Area of Expertise: Muscle building, fat loss, toning, strength & conditioning.

Kris is a world renown coach with clientele all over the globe. He uses data driven & mindset based coaching to get the very best out of his clients. One of his clients here at ONE LDN has lost over 80KG as of this writing.

Kris uses a flexible dieting approach to allow his clients to lose fat and build muscle in a sustainable way.

His philosophy is if you can’t do it for life you shouldn’t be doing it full stop.

He works with clients in an in person or online capacity and has gotten amazing results with people he’s never even met due to his unique training and dieting system that gets you seeing results within your first few weeks of working with him.

Guilty Pleasure: Burgers! Burgers are life.

Instagram: KrisRoberts

Facebook: Kris Roberts

Twitter: Krisrobertsfit

Email: kris@krisrobertsfitness.com

Mobile: 07833688854

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