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Professional. Charming. Diverse.

Area of Expertise: Specialising in rehabilitation, HIIT/ resistance training, boxing and posture correction.

Rickel has studied Sports Science and Nutrition, Posture alignment/Correction and he is also FA Level 2 qualified. He has inherited a unique boxing style and has been boxing for 6 years; this is shown in his personal training sessions and remains a passion for him. Rickel has over 10 years of experience in the Sporting Industry. From a young age, he played football signing pro forms from the age of 16. He now works witha number of different athletes from football,Rugby players, boxers to sprinters and your everyday person who wants general health and nutrition training or weight loss.

Guilty Pleasure: Cake, cake, cake and shopping.

Favourite Workout Tune: Wale, Ambition

Email: rickel@rw-fit.com

Mobile: 07500834113

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