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Training With Efficiency.

Areas of Expertise: Bodybuilding - Gaining lean muscle - Strength Training - Weight loss (Losing stubborn fat) - Body sculpting - General motivation.

I am a sponsored athlete that has been weight training for 12 years and bodybuilding for 5 years. Within this time I have learnt how to build solid lean muscle, by focusing on each muscle group separately, using different formulas, also assisted by a balanced diet and training hard (No Short Cuts). I have also learnt losing weight differs person to person, but is 100% possible with the right attitude. Whilst training I do like to consistently check your form 1: to make sure your getting the best out of each exercise 2: is preventing any sort of injury that could occur from poor movement. Being as efficient as possible is always great, cause that will produce fantastic results!

Guilty pleasure: Cake, donuts and holidays

Instagram: Solid_gainz_

Email: Solidgainzpt@gmail.com

Mobile: 07713614662

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