We are re-writing the rule book.
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Get strong. Get lean. Get ripped.

We are taking athletic high performance training to the next level!

ONE LDN Strength and Conditioning studio merge’s high performance cross training with most effective HIIT classes. High energy sweat filled classes are led by some of the best Strength and Conditioning, GB weightlifting and CrossFit coaches and are based around simple programming using compound exercises. Each WOD (workout of the day) will focus on either a AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) or METCON (metabolic conditioning) style session.

Strength and Conditioning classes include:


The ‘Workout of the Day’ is at the mercy of the coach. Prepare for an extreme workout using sledges, sandbags, battle ropes, weights, Olympic bars, dumbbell weights, kettle bells, TRX and body weight exercises. This high intensity session will develop cardiovascular fitness, core strength, power, and flexibility.

Available at both locations.


Love the free weights area but need more inspiration? This class is for you. Led by highly experienced weightlifting coaches, you’ll learn to clean and jerk, snatch and squat, deadlift and lots more. All abilities are welcome.

Available at Imperial Wharf location only.


Working on our suspension cage and TRX equipment, this session uses body weight to develop balance, co-ordination, strength, and posture. Ideal for those who enjoy Pilates but want something more dynamic.

Available at Imperial Wharf location only.


The Strength and Conditioning studio has a fully functional rig as well as the latest weightlifting equipment, such as bumper plates, Olympic bars, platforms, sandbags, oversized medicine balls, battle ropes, sledges, kettle bells, plyo boxes and lots more.