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We are taking athletic high performance training to the next level!

Renowned for its Strength & Conditioning and technical weightlifting classes, ONE LDN Strength and Conditioning studio merge’s high performance cross training with most effective HIIT classes. High energy sweat filled classes are led by some of the best Strength and Conditioning, GB weightlifting and CrossFit coaches and are based around simple programming using compound exercises. Each WOD (workout of the day) will focus on either a AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) or METCON (metabolic conditioning) style session. The sessions promise low impact workouts and high calorie burn and after burn.

Newbies - Please arrive 10 min before your class so we can take you through the class technique and equipment.

Strength and Conditioning classes include:

Strength & Sweat (Lower Body)
Class listing
Strength & Sweat (Upper Body)
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Strength & Sweat (Full Body)
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Weightlifting (All)
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Strength & Sweat Throwdown
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Strength Series
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