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Hot Yoga


Hip-Hop Hot Yoga, a brand new yoga flow for people who love fast paced yoga and for those who ‘don’t do yoga’, designed to not only sculpt your body by making you sweat but also unplug you from your day-to-day life whilst listening to your favourite beats.

Hip Hop Hot Yoga is perfect for cardio junkies, who love high-energy, result driven workouts. Expect the Hip-Hop music to take you into a continual rhythm of fast vinyasa flow. While not quite Bikram hot, ONE LDN uses infrared heat to warm the studios to heat the room to 35 degrees to provide a better cardiovascular exercise and deliver a high calorie burn, whilst maximising flexibility. The workout syncs a 50 minute long Vinyasa flow to the beat of the music which is expectedly fast-paced and will therefore leave you dripping in sweat.

If you haven't done yoga before, come and give it a try! Lowly lit mood lighting and lack of mirrors will mean that no-one will be watching you and the instructor will guide you through all you need to know.

Hip Hop Hot Yoga

Pioneering the London fitness market, ONE LDN launches the UK’s first ever Hot Hip Hop Yoga class, a class like no other designed to not only sculpt your bodies into sublime shape but also completely unplug you from your day-to-day life. Set to provide an utterly unique and empowering Vinyasa flow yoga experience to urban Hip Hop music, the class allows your breath and movement to flow to the invigorating rhythm and beats